IAHIP maintains a register of Accredited Supervisors. In order to become an IAHIP Accredited Supervisor you must have met the following criteria:

(a)        be an accredited member of IAHIP.

(b)        have five years of experience of supervised practice as a psychotherapist, after their accreditation by IAHIP or by an equivalent organisation acceptable to IAHIP.

(c)        maintain a psychotherapy practice which they pursue from a humanistic and integrative perspective.

(d)        have delivered a minimum of 1200 hours of post-accreditation psychotherapy work.

(e)        have successfully completed a supervision training course that meets criteria specified from time to time by IAHIP.  (See clause 3 below)

(f)        have had at least 1 year’s experience of giving supervision to a minimum of 50 hours, including at least 12 hours one-to-one supervision with the same supervisee.

(g)        be currently supervising no fewer than 2 individual supervisees.

(h)        provide a comprehensive Supervisor’s Report attesting to the quality and quantity of the applicant’s supervisory work and confirming also that the applicant maintains a psychotherapy practice

(i)         provide evidence that they currently have appropriate insurance cover for both the psychotherapy and supervision work they are doing.

IAHIP has  renewed the  agreement with IACP regarding “The mutual recognition of each organisation’s accredited Supervisors”.  This was  signed on 12th April 2012 with a further review to take place in five year’s time.

Apply for Accredited Supervisor
i) Supervision Accreditation Application Form
ii) Full criteria may be found by clicking the link here: Bye Law 5c – Initial Registration as an IAHIP Accredited Supervisor.

To find a supervisor in your area, use the search form, putting in your area or postcode. Once you have a list of psychotherapists in your area, then click on the word “Supervisor” to see which of them are accredited by IAHIP to be supervisors.


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